We Believes

Our body has an amazing capacity to heal.

I love this principle because there are so many people that go through life believing that well it's just my lot. I've got bad genes, these things happen.

I don't believe we have to live by that paradigm. I fully believe that our body has an immense capacity to heal. I also believe that each of us has an immense capacity for greatness. Within each of us there is something greater than we even can see in ourselves. It takes remembering. It takes recognizing and sometimes it takes coaching to be able to pull those things out of us that we don't see ourselves but that have always been right there.

There's a quote in Superman, Man of Steel, one of my favorite movies. Superman is kind of at a point where he doesn't really know who he is. He doesn't know how he fits in which is how so many of us are in life. How do I fit in here? What is my place? What do I want to accomplish and do? Superman meets his father for the first time and as they're talking his father says in essence you were sent here for greatness. That in time the people will follow him into the sun. He tells him that they're going to stumble. They're going to fall but eventually they will they will fall behind him and they will follow his example. Then comes this last line that I love he says, “And in time you will help them do wonders.”

I love that because each of us can do wonders. Each of us has so many things that we are blessed with and we have the potential to do amazing things. Yet this paradigm of life is that we live and we create these filters that block our ability to see. I believe that as we work through those and as we begin to recognize who we really are, not whom we play or the secret person in disguise, we begin to recognize this innate hero that we can do wonders.

It's an amazing thing because then we go from mountaintop to mountaintop to mountaintop and recognize that wow I've been living in the valley and in the shadows. If I just set my mind to what I want to be, who I believe that I really am and maybe I’m not there yet but as I set my mind to that I can start reaching these mountaintops and I can start seeing more clearly all the people that I can help, that I can help build and lift. It's an amazing thing. I believe that in you. You're not just someone, a guy or a lady, on the street but that you have the potential for greatness.

Just as Superman's father told him, “You too can do wonders.”

I believe that 100 percent. So it's gone from a belief to a truth in me and I'm grateful for that. Our house can put shackles on us. I'm here to tell you that you can receive the help that you want. I believe that you can be who you are designed to be. You can find your hero within and you too can do wonders.