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Handling emotional stressors

Emotions, in their simplest form are energy. From the high levels of love and joy to the low energy tones of despair and shame, we each experience these differently. These energies shape who we are and form the filter through which we see life. Unfortunately a small percentage of them stick with us and can be the means of self doubt, frustration, being “stuck” in life and more. Trapped emotions (our baggage) take up residence in our body and change the energetic balance causing dis-ease within.

Energies are one of the three drivers of inflammation in the body. I believe that these trapped emotions create distance between what we really want vs. what we do. They are the cause of discomfort, pain, mental anguish, disfunction in glands, organs, muscles and more.

The Emotion code is a simple way to find the very energies that hold you back and release them. Too often, the emotional component of health is what hinders one’s progress toward health and healing.

Sessions generally last 20 minutes

This is not a counseling session - we want to find (through muscle testing) and release the energies to give your body the best ability to heal. Sometimes it takes 1, sometimes 3-4 sessions to clear the (energy) baggage associated with the problem.


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