Dr. Randy Michaux

Health is important to me because I have a family of four kids, a wonderful wife, brother, sister and I want to be around as long as possible and in as good of health as possible for them, for my kids, my future grandkids and great grandkids.



Dr. Randy Michaux

Our body has an amazing capacity to heal. I love this principle because there are so many people that go through life believing that well it's just my lot. I've got bad genes, these things happen.



Hi Randy

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!! Everyday I see different ways that your sessions helped me.

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I had the pleasure of receiving two separate Body Code sessions with Dr Randy Michaux. The first in person, and the second was virtual. I had been working on issues I knew I had like self worth for years through personal development using books, webinars, other energy healing techniques, and seminars and I had hit a block that I KNEW was holding me back so when I had the chance to work with Randy while we were at a seminar I jumped on it and I am SO glad I did. He immediately found a heart wall on me and tied to it were 3 spiritual entities and it didn’t surprise me at all, but what did was how I felt while he was clearing them.

When he found them and started the clearing process I immediately felt overwhelming sorrow and sadness, maybe even grief. I was fighting back the tears. Then it began to lighten as he cleared each one and moved on to the next emotion. Once he started clearing the next emotion the feelings of sorry and sadness just vanished as quickly as they came and my heart instantly felt lighter and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my soul. It seems crazy to have that extreme of a feeling so quickly but that is exactly how it was. The rest of the day after he did that first session my spirits just kept lifting which made me so grateful because the last few months I had set like my happiness and generally positive disposition was being taken from me and nothing I was doing, including prayer seemed to be enough to resolve it. I also noticed that the rest of the weekend my general confidence about myself seemed to grow and I didn’t have the nagging thoughts in the back of my head that always questioned my choices and if I could accomplish my goals. This was further demonstrated when I came home after he seminar and attended my weekly bible study. It was during a prayer session that I had generally just had come up blank and emotionless, but this time was very different. I was completely overwhelmed with the emotion of love while at the study this time, and it gave me a much stronger feeling of connection that I have to give credit to my session with Randy for.

My second session was about 3 weeks later over Thanksgiving weekend and I happen to have been visiting my dad’s family including my step mom. I have a bit of a rocky past and the emotions with my step mom can be strong at times. During this session Randy found some negative energy cords tying me to my step mom and it made sense since I had been feeling distant and stress with her. He worked his magic and cleared the cords along with some other emotions of anxiety and sorrow and later that day when I met up with my step mom the distance was gone and we were able to have a great weekend. It also opened up dialog of tension that had been building but that we were able to calmly work through and listen to each other without letting the emotions take over and our relationship has continued to improve over the last couple weeks.

I know that some may be leary of an energy healing technique having any true value in healing but I can assure you that if you give it a chance you will not be disappointed! Due to my great feelings of change that have continued to show up in various ways I have decided to get the certification myself to help others the way Randy helped me. Thank you Dr Randy for helping me get past these blocks I’ve been trying so hard to relieve!

-Kylee Archibald

-Belgrade, MT

-Dec 2017


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